A Problem

About three years ago, a few musicians realized there was huge piece missing for travelers in recovery - resources.

Why was there no centralized location for quick, easy information? And where was the crucial support network while on the road?

Schedules change everyday, transportation is unreliable, and recovery meetings are often out of reach or missing entirely. For some of us, it can be an overwhelming journey, and what we really need is some quiet time alone.

An Inspiration

While it seemed a daunting task, we at Passenger set out to create that network and provide easy access to the help those in need when their usual support systems are miles and miles away.

We wanted something rooted in 12-step recovery for structure, but that welcomed anyone and everyone seeking help and respite on the road. Our primary purpose would be to support all who wish to achieve or maintain sobriety, and to embrace all faiths, creeds, colors and walks of life. We just wanted to provide support, period.

A Solution

Dear Visitor

We're Glad You Found Us

And now, three years later, we have a few solutions for you. Our first one to come along was the 'Clean Green Room' project. With it we started offering free transportation to meetings for folks just passing through our hometown of Detroit. The next exciting step for us was to begin hosting artists such as Lol Tolhurst (The Cure) and Brett Nelson (Built To Spill) to perform and share their struggles with addiction and recovery. Our ongoing goal has been to establish ourselves within our community alongside a message of hope and support.

This next year, we hope to extend our reach by providing resources for those beyond Detroit. We recently launched Compass - an interactive national meeting database and finder tool for major metropolitan areas. The Compass database currently contains over 14,000 meetings spanning multiple cities across the countries. Our database is not exclusive to AA or NA, and includes locations for buddhist recovery (Refuge) and mental health support (NAMI).

And if we can't help you find a meeting, we can at the very least provide you with online resources. We maintain a regularly updated page of videos and articles pertaining to recovery and mindfulness - all readily available for download or streaming.

Finding time to talk about anxiety, addiction, and mental health in general is imperative to staying safe and sane on the road. We at Passenger want to keep that dialogue open and evolving.

let passenger light the path

Christopher Tait and Passenger Recovery